Water Polo

Waterpolo ScholarshipSwimming up to four kilometres per one hour game, water polo players must be supremely fit, tough, tactical and fast. The physicality required from athletes as they duel for possession of the ball takes place both above and below the surface of the water, and players must possess accuracy and quick reflexes. with balls often being thrown at speeds which can exceed 60 kilometres an hour.

Run as a non-residential program for female athletes, the AIS Water Polo Scholarship program sees players training and competing in their home states, coming together several times a year in Canberra to train as a group. AIS athletes often form the core of the Australian Water Polo team.

As a team sport, water polo resembles football with the aim of scoring goals and defending your own goal from opposing players. Requiring accurate aim, generous reach, physical toughness, the ability to take and engage in heavy contact, agility and the ability to think tactically, all while treading water without the use of your arms, water polo is an exceptionally demanding sport.

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