Vollyball ScholarshipFast paced, exciting and one of the most popular recreational sports in the world, Volleyball is also a sport which demands explosive action and agility from competitive athletes, who must also have superior hand-eye coordination and extensive reach. The leading sports science and coaching services offered by the AIS provide a pathway to possible selection and representation on the Australian volleyball team via their Vollyball Scholarship.

Established as a satellite sport in Sydney in 1990, men’s volleyball relocated to Canberra in 1997 with the women’s program which had been set up in 1993. Discontinued in 2005, the women’s program is no longer offered, but the men’s program is still going strong with the AIS working in conjunction with Volleyball Australia to create a pathway of development for 19-and-under and 21-and-under athletes at junior levels, and of course the national team.

Training six days a week, volleyballers practice in a facility which was purpose-built with a Gerflor Taraflex surface, as used in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Two team of six players attempt to ground the ball on the opposing team’s side of the court, with each team allowed three touches to do so. Rallies last until the ball is successfully grounded, is out of play or the opposing team fails to return it properly. Winning a rally scores a point and confers the right to serve, with players rotating clockwise. 25 points (with a minimum lead of 2 points) is the target to reach to win the match, with matches running up to five sets.

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