Triathlon ScholarshipCompeting in a demanding sport like triathlon requires specific training and preparation program. Combining swimming, cycling and running, athletes must have stamina, speed and endurance as well as the technique and mental strength to compete over three such different disciplines.

Beginning in 2001 as a Junior Elite program, the AIS Triathlon Scholarship program has now become an elite program for athletes of all ages. Working with Triathlon Australia, the program’s focuses include developing athletes for specific events such as the ITU World Championship Series and the Olympic Games, developing their ability to handle the extreme mental pressure that comes with triathlons, and assisting their coaches to develop the athlete’s ability to not just do the sport, but cope with other demands such as travel.

Athletes train from their home states with their own coaches while the AIS provides support which enables athletes to attend camps and clinics as well as giving them access to sports medicine programs and sports technology.

An Olympic sport since the 2000 Olympic Games, Australia has won a medal in each subsequent games since then, with a particularly strong showing from female athletes. The program was awarded the AIS Sports Program of the Year in 2005.

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