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Paralympic Swimming

Paralympic swimmers Scholarship

One of the main sports of the Paralympic movement, male and female competitors with a physical or intellectual disability compete in the standard strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly as well as the medley. Classified by their functional ability to perform the stroke in question, the rules laid down by theĀ  International Swimming Federation are […]

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Paralympic Alpine Skiing

Paralympic alpine skiing Scholarship

Paralympic alpine skiing can be a challenging sport. Icy terrain and high speeds make it necessary for athletes to show both skill and determination when taking part in this activity. With a representative at every single Winter Paralympic Games since they were first established in 1976, Australia has also won a Paralympic medal at every […]

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Athletes with a Disability

Sports Disability Scholarships

The facilities at the Australian Institute of Sport have been available to athletes with a disability since the AIS was first formed in 1981. Russell Short, a vision impaired field athlete, was offered this first scholarship for a place in the AIS Track and Field program in 1989. A specialist ‘AIS athletes with disabilities‘ program […]

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