Squash ScholarshipThe speed and agility required by a successful squash player is both physical and mental. The AIS Squash Scholarship program is one of the top squash programs worldwide, and has been coached and assisted by many squash luminaries over the years since it was first established in 1985.

Played in a four wall court, squash can be played either as singles or doubles. The line markings on the court indicate areas where the ball can be hit, and in international competition a best of five format is used where the goal is to be the first to reach 11 points (or a margin of two points in a 10-10 match).

Working with experts from the Queensland Academy of Sport and Squash Australia, the AIS provides athletes with the nutritionists, masseurs, physiotherapists, psychologists and sports medicine practitioners they need to perform at an elite level in this highly demanding sport.

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