Diving ScholarshipProviding cutting edge sports science and highly regarded coaches to make the best of a sport that requires stamina, strength and agility, the AIS Diving Scholarship program was established in 1984. The success of the program can be measured by the fact that Australia is now one of the top three diving countries, representing significantly in both world championship events and the Olympic games.

Diving from 10m platforms and 3 m springboards, divers have six basic types of dive to develop: forward, back, reverse, inward, arm stand and twist. With four different body positions in each dive – straight, pike, tuck and free – divers are awarded a score between 1.3 to 3.6 as they combine a sequence of positions and dives. Training at the Sleeman Sports Complex, which was opened in 1997 and was then upgraded in 2005, athletes are able to work on their flexibility, speed and strength to practice the somersaults, twists, tucks, turns and pikes that make diving so spectacular to watch.

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