Sports Scholarships

Prestigious Scholarships for Outstanding Skills in Sports

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Information on Australian Sports Scholarships

The Australian Institute of Sport is the main provider of Sports Scholarships in Australia. They have been awarding Scholarships for 25 years and have supported some of Australia's very sucessful sportsmen and women all through Australia's sporting history.

What are Sports Scholarships?

In Australia the (AIS) Australian Institute of Sport is regarded as Australia’s premium training institute for sports.

The AIS has world class facilities, the latest sports medical services and highly skilled coaches which has provided the AIS with an outstanding international reputation for producing high performance athlete's.

The AIS currently offers thirty-six (36) sports programs in twenty-six (26) different sports, and a varying number of sports scholarships that are offered every year to some of Australia’s finest athletes in sport.

As well as the AIS, most universities in Australia offer some forms of Scholarship programs, and are as far reaching as the horse racing industry.

Applying for a Scholarship

There are a number of different ways athletes are selected for Australian Sports Scholarships, often however, scholarship applicants are chosen after an extensive process of focused observation, coach discussions and ultimately a comparative evaluation process.

The scholarships are then granted to outstanding participants in their chosen sports who are assessed as having the potential to represent Australia.

Some of the Sports that have Scholarships are as follows;

  • Athletes with a Disability
  • Australian Football (AFL)
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Rugby League
  • Tennis
  • Australian Institute of Sport Athlete's of the Year

    1984 - Karen Anne Phillips (Swimming)
    1985 - Michelle Robyn Pearson (Swimming)
    1986 - James Chester Galloway (Rowing)
    1987 - Kerry Saxby-Junna (Track & Field)
    1988 - Kerry Saxby-Junna (Track & Field)
    1989 - Kerry Saxby-Junna (Track & Field)
    1990 - Steven John McGlede (Cycling)
    1991 - Linley Frame (Swimming)
    1992 - Clint David Robinson (Canoeing)
    1993 - World Junior Female Basketball Team & Men's Track Cycling Pursuit Team
    1994 - Australian Women's Hockey Team
    1995 - Shane John Kelly (Cycling)
    1996 - Megan Leanne Marcks & Kate Slatter (Rowing)
    1997 - Louise Sauvage (Wheelchair athletics)
    1998 - Michael Klim (Swimming)
    1999 - Michael Klim (Swimming)
    2000 - Simon Fairweather (Archery)
    2001 - Petria Thomas (Swimming) & Philippe Rizzo (Gymnastics)
    2002 - Petria Thomas (Swimming)
    2003 - Nathan Baggaley (Canoeing)
    2004 - Petria Thomas (Swimming) & Ryan Bayley (Cycling)
    2005 - Peter Robertson (Triathlon) & Robin Bell Slalom (Canoeing)
    2006 - Philippe Rizzo (Gymnastics)
    2007 - Nathan Deakes (Athletics) & Anna Meares (Cycling)
    2008 - Ken Wallace (Canoeing) and Heath Francis (Athletics)
    2009 - Brenton Rickard (Swimming) & Emma Moffatt (Triathlon)
    2010 - Lydia Lassila (Winter Sports)
    2011 - Anna Meares (Cycling)